Most of us experience it at least once in our lives. 
That breakup that changes our lives forever.

Some of us even experience it more than once and it can leave us feeling like our fairytale just isn’t meant to have a happy ending. Or worse, chasing a fairytale that we will never be a vibrational match to due to unprocessed grief.

I get it. I've been there.
Many times!

My last breakup left me completely heartbroken.

I could have sworn he was my twin flame and that we would spend the rest of our lives together so how could it end out of nowhere. There was no fight, no slowly drifting away, just goodbye.

With twin flames there is always a runner, but I’ve come to realize that we were both running. Running away from unprocessed grief from past relationships. 

We think that our heart walls keep our broken heart from falling apart when in fact, our heart has the amazing capacity to heal itself when we give it space.

Boxing it in has the complete opposite effect of healing.

It is but an illusion of healing.

So when I stepped into this illusion and thought I had healed, I started to date again only to create more of the same rejection or partners getting cold feet.

Shadow work is what begins

when someone tells you something

you need to hear but don’t want to hear. 

“You want the fairytale but I want someone to grow old with.”

Those words took my breath away.

Is that truly how others perceived me because in my heart and in my desires, growing old with my forever person IS the fairytale!

How can people not see that? Do they not see my heart and soul?

Do they not see me?

This one sentence took me on a deep dive into the shadows of myself and a whole deeper level of grief healing and self love. 

The downloads, the channeling, the healing and the new awareness is next level. I am excited to share with you everything that I have learned, processed and integrated.

Let’s give grief and all of it's emotions a voice.

Let’s set your heart free to give and receive the most powerful divine love imaginable.

Let’s create your unique Happily Ever After love story.

Looking for a sneak peak introduction?

Here you go.